Teachers: The Creators of Tomorrow

Teacher: creator of tomorrow

Teachers nurture the seeds for future. A teacher’s dedication and hard work put up a student on a good path. Often, we come across successful stories of person where they dedicate their success to parents, colleagues, and teachers and so on. However, the ‘Teacher” is always there be it a sportsman, sportswoman or a student.

We always have been inspired by some teachers during our school days. No matter, how far one reaches, one always has an inspiring story of one’s teacher to share. The words of a teacher still echo in one’s mind.

In a country like India, being a teacher is not an easy task. Some travel more than 30 km daily to teach children while some teach from morning to evening at no cost. In a country of multiple languages and diverse geographical conditions, the curriculum, timing and physical infrastructure differ place to place. A teacher has to adapt to all these.

A teacher needs to be prepared for all these. A teacher’s words have a long-lasting impact on the minds of young children and he (she) must be sensitive and concerned regarding this. Pedagogy matters a lot as it sets the motivation and interests for the students to learn and enhance their knowledge. In fact, teachers are the foundation bricks for the nation’s future.

With the growing population, there is a great demand for teachers in schools all around the country. It is not about teachers but about quality teachers. Teachers need to be professionally trained. With the introduction of RTE Act, 2009, there has been a great emphasis on the training of teachers for imparting quality education in India.

Teaching as a profession is a respectable job in India and it serves as one of the largest sectors for providing employment. Schools have their own demand and they are having, planning to design their own curriculum. The schools also recruit teachers according to their need. Many a time, the abilities and achievements of a teacher get undermined. The academic degrees are given preference and his achievements and significant work get neglected. It is important that apart from the academic and professional degree, significant work of teachers should be recognized and the interaction among teachers should also increase.

India needs quality teachers.

There needs to be a platform where teachers interact with each other, look up for schools which suit their skills and even the schools can look up for such teachers with the skills it wants. The recruitment process in most of the schools is still in traditional ways such as advertising through newspapers, magazines. In this era of technology, we should move towards digitization of teacher recruitment process because hiring teachers using print media is very costly, time taking and effort intensive. Using the cutting edge technologies like machine learning we can find out the most skilled and qualified teachers at no cost. Digitization will also help the teachers in getting good job opportunities with a handsome salary.

India has been a land of great teachers since ancient times from Guru Dronacharya to Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. For us, now it’s time to discover more and more Star Teachers and nurture the future leaders of tomorrow in their caring hands.

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