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Teachers: The Creators of Tomorrow

Teacher: creator of tomorrow

Teachers nurture the seeds for future. A teacher’s dedication and hard work put up a student on a good path. Often, we come across successful stories of person where they dedicate their success to parents, colleagues, and teachers and so on. However, the ‘Teacher” is always there be it a sportsman, sportswoman or a student.

We always have been inspired by some teachers during our school days. No matter, how far one reaches, one always has an inspiring story of one’s teacher to share. The words of a teacher still echo in one’s mind.

In a country like India, being a teacher is not an easy task. Some travel more than 30 km daily to teach children while some teach from morning to evening at no cost. In a country of multiple languages and diverse geographical conditions, the curriculum, timing and physical infrastructure differ place to place. A teacher has to adapt to all these.