What Made Me Start As A Teacher

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The passion to make a difference and to help the children exploit all the possible opportunities made me start as a teacher. I could come up with a list of reasons and you’d still want to stick with how teaching was my last desperate attempt to make something of my life. Honestly, NO!

I tend to enjoy the profession for its connection with students and challenging them to think beyond their context or set of beliefs tickles my set of beliefs and ideas all together. Yes, they come with their own set of cons of having to prepare beforehand for the lessons and the anticipation of having to deal with the kids who sometimes get on your nerves kills you but it’s all worth it in the end. When you see your hard work bearing fruit, all your anticipation, fear and anxiety tends to go right down the drain. The decision to get a head start on the career came with a lot of wayward responses from my near and dear ones. It wasn’t an easy one is what I meant to say. It was difficult because no one made it easy for me. All of them focused on how it was not profitable and how it would not help boost my CV, but I was focused on how it would help the children develop a sense of understanding and responsibility for the upcoming disasters that life has in stored for them. It was never a pre-thought of decision but it was spontaneous enough to make me believe in the magic of teaching, and the availability of plenty of teaching jobs in the vicinity made it far easier to get one without much ado.

It wasn’t exactly cake walk after all. Lesson preparing pre-classes, checking the exam sheets, attending the PTA meetings (yes, it’s equally hard for us, my dear parents), coming up with ideas to make each class as much interesting for the students to be hooked on to, shaping their beliefs and everything that it takes to become a role model dwelled on me. The more challenging it became the more fun it was to live up to. There was something to look forward to, every single day and there still is. Curiosity got the better of me. I made a deal to get up every morning to answer the curiosity of the kids who had become a part of me since and the deal was all I could think of when I needed a wee bit of encouragement to get out of the bed. Teaching has been a commitment in itself since then. I have loved every bit of it and the thirst to share the real deal of the world has been an unquenchable thirst ever since.

By- Dr. Narendra Pal Singh
K.D.V Public School



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