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Senior Faculty Member – Physics / Chemistry / Botany/Maths

Expecting teacher to teach science and maths for competitive exams

Heritage Academy

Full Time
Salary : 500,000₹ Experience(s) : 5-10 years Year


About Heritage Academy

Learn and Play the Heritage way: Heritage Academy espouses true experiential learning through which we purposefully engage with our students from the beginning in direct experience and focused reflection to increase their learning, assimilation of knowledge, development of skills and clarifying their core values. We truly believe in Learning through action, learning by doing, learning through experience, and learning through discovery and exploration. We believe the learning of content is important but the learning from the process is at the heart of our school’s learning process. The children are encouraged to explore through research in the library, laboratory, outdoors and on the internet. They learn through exploration and discovery on their own, with peers or assisted by teachers. SPORTS: At Heritage we believe good sportsmanship provides guidelines that can be generalized to classroom and lifelong achievement. Participation in challenging sports contests teaches children to love classroom challenge. It also teaches children to function in a competitive society. We believe Sports is necessary for fitness and fitness of body is linked to fitness of mind. Sports that Heritage students participate in are Horse Riding; Swimming; Yoga; Tae kwon do; Football; Hockey; Badminton; and Athletics. MUSIC & ARTS: Heritage believes that Music and Art are just as vital to a child’s education and well being as are Mathematics and Physical Education. Here at Heritage nobody says that you must know how to sing to take Chorus, or that you must be an amazing painter to go to Art class. We believe Visual Arts, Dancing, Singing, Orchestra, Band, Acting and Writing are all outlets for us to express ourselves. Hostel Life at Heritage: The Hostel facility at Heritage Academy Kotdwara is a real home away from home. We aim to make the boarding experience safe, secure, purposeful and fun. A green campus tucked into the pristine hills of the Garhwal Himalayas, the boarding provides the right atmosphere for study and leisure. Heritage promises nurturing of the young along with helping them grow physically, mentally and spiritually. The day starts with Yoga and meditation and proceeds with logical mix of learning and sports. Excellent Sports facilities are available with special coaching facilities for Yoga, Swimming, Horse riding, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Hockey and Cricket. Teachers of different subjects are available to offer additional academic guidance after school hours within the Hostel premises. Leisure is important and the students unwind with movie shows, treks and cycling expeditions to energise them for the week ahead. All festivals are celebrated and dorm nights are organized quarterly for the children at the amphitheater. Formal dinners are organized where the children are trained in dining and social etiquettes. Boarder’s Birthdays are celebrated within the Hostel premises, and parents are welcome to participate in the same. Controlled phone facilities and internet connectivity are provided. The School has comprehensive Health Centre facilities, with a separate infirmary facility for Hostellers with trained practitioners. Heritage Academy offers both week boarding and term boarding.

    • 1) Academic Activities


    • a) Planning and preparing courses and lessons. Maintaining up to date subject knowledge


    • b) Be proactively involved in coaching students as per Gurukul’s philosophy.


    • c) Motivating, facilitating, teaching, according to the pupil’s educational needs, the students assigned to him/her.


    • d) Prepare weekly assignments for each batch and preparing test papers for Class Tests as well as Monthly Tests for each batch assigned to him/her


    • e) Timely correction and marking of assignment notebooks and answer sheets of tests given by the students in class and elsewhere.


    • f) Assessing, recording and reporting on the development and progress of students


    • Other Activities


    • a) Promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students and of any class or group of students assigned to him/her


    • b) Providing guidance and feedback to students on educational matters


    • c) Review and provide feedback for content and assessments developed in Gurukul


    • d) Communicating, consulting and providing feedback to the parents of students during PTM or as and when the requirement / need arises.


    • 3) Training/Reviews/Meetings


    • a) Participating in trainings and meetings arranged by the management for any of the purposes described above.


               b) Participating in periodic performance reviews


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