About Us


We are a startup, initiated by a group of students from the University of Delhi with the objective to provide teachers with enough opportunities to utilize their potentials to the farthest possible extent without any hardships and to digitize the recruitment process by introducing quality and professionalism into the job and to make it easier on both ends, for the recruiter and the recruited.


We are building an online recruitment portal for teachers who are either in search of jobs or who are interested to switch from their old jobs to explore better opportunities awaiting them. The portal is also user-friendly for schools that are looking for teachers and have vacancies. The website also has space where the teachers from all age groups can discuss their ideas and concerns that they might not have an answer to.



We intend to start with small steps and therefore our mission is to digitize the recruitment process and leave the traditional methods where they belong. We also intend to introduce quality into the education system along with professionalism.The mission is to make the recruitment process hassle free and encourage youths to go on to make teaching a career choice.



Our vision is to let the concept of unemployment of teachers be a by-gone and to decrease the huge gaps between schools seeking teachers and teachers seeking employment. We also want to encourage the teacher community to express their views regarding the general problems in teaching and the challenges that they face during recruitment or any other issues for that matter.



We are a one of a kind online platform and our process is way easier to follow because the only thing teachers have to do is register and upload their resume and wait for us to connect them to schools with the desirable vacancies. And consequently, our way takes less time for a teacher to find a job. We also provide options for full-time and part-time jobs.We also aim to end the disparities by introducing a one of a kind community for the teachers where they can discuss the problems and find solutions all by themselves.