The Secret to becoming a Star Teacher

The Ultimate Guide for Teachers to Reinvent their Teaching Methodology

Asha Porayath

Asha Porayath

"Planning a teaching session is like making
your travel plans."

About The Book

Sharing a secret never felt so good! Here is something most educators do not talk about. What really makes an exceptional teacher? Almost twenty-five years ago, Asha entered the teaching fraternity, resolving to bring hope to the lives of students, teachers, and whoever came into her circle. In this book she reveals the magic that guided her career and journey through self-exploration. This book is an empowering tool; it can show you the way to becoming an authentic educator. Like the stars in the night sky, teachers are meant to be radiant sources of compassion, inspiring students to find their direction.

In this book you will learn

  • To be true to yourself
  • To recognize barriers and break out of a pattern
  • To recognise the power of love and appreciation
  • To choreograph a learning experience
  • To stop teaching and tap into inner wisdom
  • To recognize who you are being and develop positive ways to be
  • To connect with the essence of a concept
  • To inspire and stay inspired
  • To align with a vision and set your intentions
  • From stories that inspired successful visionaries

"Everything works when your bar is set at zero.
Think again."

In this book you will discover

  • Steps to tap into inner awareness
  • The resources for metacognition
  • The power of becoming vulnerable
  • The magic of true listening
  • The significance of self-care
  • The need to co-create
  • The power behind your thoughts
  • The significance of your role
  • Inspiration to becoming a mentor
  • A companion for your personal growth and self-care

"There can be no progress without contrasts.
Celebrate them."


Asha Porayath, PhD, believes in inspiring leadership through compassion. She is recognised widely for her creative style that emphasizes mindfulness and authenticity. Her aim is to create compassionate educators for whom teaching can become an energizing and effective process. Having entered the field of education in 1994, she has a wealth of experience from over twentyfive years as a leader, author, life coach and teacher-mentor.

Asha Porayath

"Set your intention, the direction will appear."